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An introduction from the Chief Executive

An introduction from the Chief Executive

All We Can has a story to tell. It’s a compelling story that started nearly 70 years ago, and a story that continues today.

That story began for two simple reasons, which are still relevant today: acute human need, and a call to respond to it. Over the years, All We Can, under various names, has provided support and resources to many millions of people in great need. It was never the biggest. It never put itself first. But with limited resources and a huge amount of commitment, perseverance and faith, the work supported through the decades is remarkable. For a smaller organisation it has had a significant impact.

None of this would have been possible without the consistent, faithful and passionate support of Methodists across Britain. It is little wonder that All We Can has a very special relationship with the Methodist Church: it was birthed by it and supported through each stage of its development.

Our vision for the next chapter in the story of All We Can seeks to build upon these strengths and this heritage. It is important that any organisation periodically reviews and redefines its approach, to ensure it remains true to its founding principles and relevant in a rapidly changing world. Our future plans, and our new name, launched in April 2014, were the result of a wide-ranging strategic review. We’re grateful to all who contributed to this. 

We believe that All We Can has a distinctive and important contribution to make in the future. We see potential in even the poorest places, and work with people and groups who have been overlooked by others. We are not limited to short-term grants or constrained by size or bureaucracy, so we can effectively respond to where the needs are greatest. Unlike many other agencies, we are able to provide guidance, friendship, and long-term commitment, as well as funding.

We’re committed to doing all we can to help those who need us most. I invite you to consider what you can do as part of all of our efforts to tackle poverty and injustice in our world. 

Maurice Adams
Chief Executive