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Inside out! All We Can at ECG

2 May 2017

“We need to turn our church calendars inside out”, was Miriam Swaffield’s challenge to attendees as part of her keynote address at the Christian ECG Conference 2017 in Scarborough - we need to become outward facing. During the conference I was personally challenged to find fresh ways to do that in my own life, to do (as Wesley would have it) all the good that I can. A crucial part of that for me was to share with others at the conference some of the ways we can support our global neighbours.

At ECG, people gather to be Equipped, Called and to Go. It was my pleasure to be part of the All We Can team at this year’s event, running a stall and hosting a reception where people came to find out more about our work.  In some of the world’s poorest communities, we are seeking ways to release potential and support people as they come together to create transformative change for their families, neigbourhoods and countries.

Those of you on social media may have seen pictures of the team with a cuddly chicken at ECG – pictured here with Jill Barber (former Vice-President of Methodist Conference) and me.  Although the chicken was there to spread fun, it (she?) also communicated an important message of how chickens are changing lives in some of those poor communities where we work. 

If you would like to join us in chirping for joy this harvest time, visit to order your resources and find out how.  Let’s be bold, and turn our spiritual lives and church calendars inside out to face a world in need!

Tim Baker

Author: Tim Baker

Tim joined All We Can as Churches and Volunteers Officer in March 2015, based in Yorkshire. In this role he supports All We Can's local volunteers – Co-ordinators and Speakers – and visits churches to speak at events and lead worship, helping to raise awareness and support for All We Can.

Tim is a lifelong Methodist and spent his younger years in the south Caribbean as part of a family of mission partners.

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