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Grassroots partnerships

Grassroots partnerships

All We Can wants to make partners and local communities stronger through our collaboration with them, ensuring that projects are sustainable and that local capabilities are increased.

Our partnership approach

We listen.

Our partners know and understand the local situation.

We trust.

Their commitment and compassion means that, more than anyone else, they are best placed to unlock the potential in their communities.

We support,

in all the ways we can, working alongside local communities to provide the funding, resources and encouragement needed to create positive, long-term change.

Those who need us most

One of the distinctive things about how we work is the priority we give to building the capacity and skills of our partner organisations. We believe where the need is greatest, so is the potential so we work hard to identify potential partners that would benefit most from our support.

For many of our partners, All We Can is the first international donor they work with. They can be community organisations, churches and even inspired individuals who understand local problems and are passionate about solving them but don't have all the resources they need to achieve their vision.

The aim is that by the time the partnership ends, the partner is in a better position to continue their work, with new systems, staff skills and sources of funding in place. Find out more here.

Partner exchange visits

The experiences and skills we have learnt, have made us more humble, more encouraged and more determined to serve our poor, disadvantaged elderly people and communities better than we did before. - Francis Njuakom Nchii, Director of CDVTA 

Following feedback from our partners, we established The Network Challenge Fund, supporting partner organisations to undertake their own exchange visits and share good practice.

All We Can Programmes Team Leader Nick Burn comments: "Past experience has shown that exchange visits are a rich learning experience. They give staff invaluable insight into how another organisation has addressed issues they themselves face. They can explore how to tackle these practically, hear about the problems they may encounter and how to overcome them.

In February 2013, staff members from our partner CDVTA travelled to Uganda to visit our partner VAD for a six day exchange visit. VAD’s experience in water and sanitation provision was of great interest to CDTVA who have just began to work in this way with primary schools, local communities and the elderly.

Similarly CDVTA’s advocacy strategy in support of elderly rights and social mobilization in Cameroon has been very successful and this was one of the main areas of shared learning.

Where we work

Learn more about the work of our partners by exploring where we work