A new spring of life this Easter


Clean water is a human right, yet 780 million people in the world still do not have access to it.

Unsafe drinking water carries a host of life-threatening diseases. Wondersen from Ethiopia explains that he would walk long distances to gather water from a source that animals would drink from and bathe in. Although unclean water can be dangerous to drink, for many, it’s the only option.

Wondersen’s family needed water regularly. He would often have to collect water before school which made him tired and late. This had an adverse effect on his education.

However, there has been a change in Wondersen’s life. He said, “While I still get the water, I am no longer late to school.” This is because a clean water tap has been installed in his community.

His whole family can now enjoy clean, safe drinking water close to their home. He attends school on time and with more energy. His father can also spend more time on his farm rather than fetching water.

All We Can thank all supporters for their kind donations that ensure that every person’s potential can be fulfilled, people just like Wondersen.

Happy Easter, from All We Can.

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