Frequently Asked Questions

All We Can is an independent charity rooted in the Methodist Church in Britain. The consistent, faithful and passionate support of Methodists across Britain has sustained the charity throughout its history.

All We Can seeks to work together in a spirit of community – with individuals, organisations, churches, people of all faiths and none – to make a meaningful difference. You do not have to be a Methodist to support All We Can!

How do you find which local organisations and projects to support?

When we are working a new country or region, we put out a call for applications from local organisations and these are assessed according to a detailed set of criteria, seeking to work where the need is greatest to places that larger agencies don’t reach. We work with partners who understand local problems and are passionate about solving them. We work with them to develop projects that create positive, long-term change in ways relevant to the problems faced by the communities

We are also working with the global Methodist Church and other Methodist organisations as we develop our new Church CAN (Church Community Action for Neighbours) initiative.

In humanitarian emergencies, we often work with trusted humanitarian aid partners who are on the ground responding to emergencies, and with our existing local partners when they are able to respond. Find out more about our humanitarian relief work.

Does All We Can send volunteers overseas?

All We Can works with talented local partners – community organisations, churches, and individuals – people rooted in poor communities, who understand local problems and are passionate about solving them. We do not have staff based overseas or offer overseas volunteer placements.

How do you know the money gets to those that need it?

All We Can’s partnerships and programme staff evaluate all project proposals according to a range of criteria. Partner organisations send regular reports measuring their progress against set aims and objectives, and All We Can staff visit the projects every 4-6 months and keep in regular contact with partners. See a full breakdown of All We Can’s income and expenditure in the latest Annual Report.

Can I or my church support a specific project or partner?

We hope people will want to find out about the communities All We Can works in. As an All We Can Partner Church you can journey with some of the world’s poorest communities and see how their lives are improving thanks to your support.

We particularly appreciate donations that are not designated for a specific project, as they enable us to respond wherever the need is greatest. However, if you would like to make a gift for a specific partner or country, please contact the All We Can office to find out about current options for this.

How can I contact All We Can about an issue relating to accountability or transparency?

All We Can believes that accountability and transparency are essential in the fight against poverty. All We Can is accountable to our supporters and donors and to our partners. We expect that All We Can’s partners are also accountable to the communities they work with, their governments and to us. We strive for, and encourage, transparency across all of these relationships.

If you would like information about our work, including All We Can’s budgets and plans, or if you would like to give us information about, our staff, Board, programmes, or partners, please contact us.

You may contact us anonymously if you wish, but we may not be able to act on anonymous information without some further clarification, so we encourage you to provide your contact details.

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7467 5132
Address: Accountability, All We Can, 25 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5JR, UK