Our values

All We Can has always been inspired by Christian principles with its roots in the British Methodist Church.


We respect the inherent worth, dignity and equality of every human being. We want everyone to be able to develop their potential, live with respect and have the opportunity to flourish. We value different cultures, beliefs and perspectives, and seek to listen and learn from others.


We give priority to those who are the poorest, most marginalised and disadvantaged. We want to help people to become all that they can and participate meaningfully in shaping their own lives and futures. We work with people in need without discrimination.


We want everyone to be treated fairly and with equity, and for there to be a just sharing of the world’s resources and opportunities. We seek to be prophetic and courageous in challenging injustice and inequality, and sustainable in how we operate.


We seek to serve others. We want to give practical expression to the love, care and responsibility we have to each other as human beings, and strive to be humble and accountable in the way we work.


We stand and suffer alongside people living in poor communities around the world and all those striving to tackle poverty, inequality and injustice. We seek to be alongside rather than in control, and relational rather than contractual in our approach.


We recognise that we do not have all the answers, the resources or the skills necessary to achieve our purpose. We seek to work together in a spirit of collaboration and community with others – individuals, organisations, churches, people of all faiths and none – to make a meaningful difference.

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