All We Can responds to the Equador earthquake


The strongest earthquake to strike Ecuador in decades left the Andean nation traumatised on Sunday 17 April. It is the most powerful earthquake to hit the region in 36 years and measured 7.8 on the Richter scale. Over 600 people have now been reported to have lost their lives, and more than 7000 have been injured. Collapsed buildings mark a swath of destruction stretching hundreds of miles. All We Can is responding through one of its trusted international humanitarian aid partners, the ACT Alliance.

Earlier this week, reporting from Ecuador, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief, Stephen O’Brien commented, “Many people have lost their homes, their livelihoods. Medical facilities and items are urgently needed for people who were injured, as well as food, clean water and basic sanitation”. The Ecuadorian government were able to move quickly to bring supplies to the main towns but shattered roads have hampered the operation and people are still being rescued from the rubble of collapsed buildings. As the week has unfolded the scale of the destruction has become more palpable. It is that estimated well over half a million people have been directly affected by the earthquake.

All We Can has committed to send £10,000 through the ACT Alliance to their partners in the region who will be responding to the disaster in three of the worst affected provinces. This money will be spent on providing people with food assistance, safe water and sanitation and emergency kits to help ward off the threat of disease. ACT Alliance partners will also be providing specialised household kits to enable people to cope during the first few weeks after the earthquake and will be involved longer-term in the reconstruction of homes.

All We Can’s Humanitarian Aid Manager Jason Snuggs said, “The situation for thousands of people in Ecuador is a very serious one. This is an earthquake of massive proportions and has affected small cities and regions that are vulnerable and in need of external assistance to cope with the huge emergency response required to address immediate needs.  Our local partners through the ACT Alliance will be providing support and supplies that will save lives and aid communities in their recovery.”

The Ecuador Earthquake Appeal will open on the All We Can website on Monday 25 April. Please give all you can to support the people of Ecuador.

Join us in prayer

Loving God
who deeply cares for our world
we bring before you the plight of the people in Ecuador
living in the wake of the devastation caused by the earthquake.
We pray for your peace, hope and love to be present
and for your light to penetrate this dark situation.
In this time of grief, loss and uncertainty
we pray for your comfort, healing and strength.

Give courage to the people on the front line of the response
and wisdom and compassion to people in a position of influence.
Guide us in our prayers and stir us to action
so that we may love our Ecuadorian neighbours in all the ways we can.

For the glory of your name.

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