All We Can’s pioneering partnership approach recognised at The Charity Awards


All We Can has been honoured at one of the most prestigious award programmes in the third sector. It was All We Can’s ‘Walking Together in Partnership’ approach that stood out to the judges, a panel of sector leaders. Matthew Nolan, Chief Executive of Civil Society Media says, “Our rigorous judging process highlights those charities with the most innovative ideas and the most effective approaches to delivering real change.”

On 5 June 2019, The Charity Awards recognised All We Can as one of three shortlisted finalists in the ‘Grantmaking and Funding category’.

All We Can works with local organisations around the world to foster a supportive environment for strategic planning to implement change. The focus of this partnership approach is not only to empower vulnerable people living in poverty but to support sustainable growth for the local organisations serving those communities.

The approach All We Can takes differs from traditional models of grant-making as it is a more open, inclusive and relational way of working. Chief Executive of All We Can, Graeme Hodge explains, “Charting a different path in international development is challenging: The need for funding, and the hoops that have to be jumped through to get it, can lead to paternalistic relationships between international development charities and the locally-led organisations ‘implementing’ the work. These relationships are often called ‘partnerships’; they are anything but.

“For the past five years, All We Can has been pioneering a different approach. We have discovered that by learning from and supporting local organisations we have genuine relationships with, what emerges is far more sustainable and transformative.”

All We Can believes that the commitment and compassion of local organisations, and their knowledge of the context they work in, means that, more than anyone else, they are best placed to unlock the potential in their communities. With clarity given to partner organisations from the start that All We Can will eventually leave the partnership, they can plan ahead, envisioning their own strategy, allowing life-changing work to be continued even after the partnership ends. At the heart of these partnerships there is a focus on relationship so, even when the partnership ends, these local organisations remain part of All We Can’s network.

All We Can’s partnership approach is exemplified by the relationship it has with NADEV, a partnering organisation in Cameroon. NADEV has worked alongside All We Can since 2006. Vincent Anu, Coordinator for NADEV, sums up the partnership approach and says, “They say, ‘one hand doesn’t tie a bundle’… you need two hands to be able to bind it together.”

Watch the video below to hear more from Vincent about how partnership with All We Can helped to transform NADEV further, enabling more people than previously imagined to fulfil their God-given potential.

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