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All posts by Angela Zamaere Smith

One of All We Can's local partner staff talks to a Village Chairman in Ethiopia, standing outside a homestead with a red and teal front door.

All We Can’s Values: Collaboration

‘Angela, join in and work alongside your aunt! One finger can’t kill lice!’ I can still remember my grandmother, Gogo Lisnet telling me in my mother tongue.  I had been watching my aunt Ines (she wasn’t that much older than me) struggle to winnow maize for the mill.  My grandmother seemed to have an adage […]

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Post-colonial development

Very early on in my career, as a community development practitioner, I experienced global inequality first hand; such that separates the powerful nations from the weak, the ‘haves’ from the ‘have nots’. I quickly realised that most initiatives to redress the balance remained at the level of rhetoric and good intentions. How could poor nations […]

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The government to come – Christmas reflections on Zimbabwe

Growing up in Malawi, I prided myself on my knowledge of African geography and at the age of 10, I could recite all the countries in Africa including their capital cities more or less in alphabetical order. I would always end with ‘Zimbabwe, Harare…!’, beaming at the achievement. It was not until a few years […]

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