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A teacher wearing a green jacket points to a blackboard in a classroom in Malawi. A group of girls watch attentively, their backs to the camera.

Celebrating World Teachers’ Day

Today, on World Teachers’ Day, we celebrate and thank teachers around the world – be they in classrooms, communities or churches. The teachers in my life are some of the most precious people to me, because they helped challenge me to become who I am today. Their words still echo down the years motivating me […]

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An Extraordinary Christmas – Thank you

In 2018, Christmas was extraordinary thanks to the generosity and kindness of All We Can supporters like you ordering so many Extraordinary Gifts. Thanks to the incredible level of support this Christmas, All We Can will be able to help so many more people, including over 4,000 families who are living in some of the […]

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“Why me? Why now?”

A young girl sits, stock still and frozen with fear. She has just found out she is pregnant. She doesn’t understand how. She questions, “Why me? Why now?” She thinks of how her life has barely begun and yet she’s ‘expecting’ and expected to bring about a new life herself. She wonders, “How will I […]

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