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Time to walk on water?

2021 became the year of new things. Which may mean more new things lie ahead! How so? There’s a ‘circularity’ to change, which in your head and mine goes something like this: When we tackle new challenges, our brains help to make them ‘normal’ for us by creating new neural pathways. These help us adapt […]

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A man wearing an All We Can branded tshirt and dark jacket and scarf pictured in a crowd of people, on a rainy day in Glasgow.

Jesus in the rain, in the chaos of COP

All We Can’s Director of Public Engagement, Steve Adams, reflects on the team’s experience at COP26 – and explores what this means for our local partners around the world. It was wonderful for its variety, but disappointing for its lack of diversity. Many, many, many people groups most affected by the issues discussed were absent. […]

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An community groups meeting

Global Poverty and Coronavirus: Rethinking the Route

Our nation’s attempts to do right for people facing daily, vicious, poverty around the world, face a new ‘Everest’: coronavirus. This Covid-19-driven change offers a challenge, I think, to all of us who would stand with our poverty-affected global neighbours: before you double your efforts, rethink your route.   The All We Can movement is […]

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