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A red banner decorated with white stars reads 'The Big Church Sing Christmas Special'

The Thrill of Hope

‘The thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices’ The magic of this line, from O Holy Night,  moved me to tears the other night. I was sitting up late, at my desk, quadruple-checking the subtitles for The Big Church Sing – Christmas Special (which aired on Advent Sunday – if you missed it, you can catch […]

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Nawalat stands by her bicycle in Uganda

A Harvest like never before

So much has changed, hasn’t it? Over the last few months, we have all seen change in many areas of our lives. Much of that change has been difficult – but some of it has also been encouraging and even inspiring as each of us, our communities and our churches have found ways to respond […]

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Best of all, God is with us.

One of the strange things about my role within the All We Can movement – helping to create worship resources for churches and people on a journey of faith – is that we are often thinking (at least) six months ahead of ourselves. So here I am, in the middle of July, thinking about Christmas. […]

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World NGO Day – God’s story continues

Throughout Lent, we are reflecting on the radical message of Jesus and how this relates to the growing climate crisis. As part of World NGO Day Tim Baker, All We Can’s Churches and Volunteers Manager, discusses the role of NGO’s in God’s story. In the beginning was the word… It is a great start to […]

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Secure futures

So much seems uncertain – the political future of our nation hangs in the balance, many of us are anxious about the future of our churches, and none of us know exactly what 2019 has in store. Amongst all that uncertainty, it seems more important than ever that we find solid ground to stand on, […]

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A father’s love

In the heat of the Zimbabwean sun, with the dusty dirt of the dry season and the tension of political uncertainty and fragile life, I was more than a little nervous. As we approached the homestead where Tulani and Angela live, with their four children, I was getting worried – would I know what to […]

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Getting together in Zimbabwe

Along a dusty, crumbling road, 15 minutes from Gokwe Town Centre in the Midlands Region of Zimbabwe, two villages are scattered across the southern African landscape – Bandawa and Mabuyani. Earlier this month, I spent a few precious days with people in those two communities who, with the support of All We Can, are overcoming […]

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Inside out! All We Can at ECG

Tim Baker recently attended the ECG Conference in Scarborough and was challenged to be bold and turn his calendar inside out!

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Doing Justice at Methodist Conference 2016

Tim Baker loves Methodist Conference and here explains just why that is.

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As we are gathered

John Wesley demonstrated the potential that is present when people gather together. The potential to change the world…

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