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Mind, Body and Soil

The vital lessons I learnt about caring for the planet from a group of Ethiopian farmers, just in time for International Mother Earth Day. Once upon a time, long before supermarkets and the ‘What will we have for dinner?’ panic existed, was a world where people actually knew where their food came from. As I […]

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A new spring of life this Easter

Clean water is a human right, yet 780 million people in the world still do not have access to it. Unsafe drinking water carries a host of life-threatening diseases. Wondersen from Ethiopia explains that he would walk long distances to gather water from a source that animals would drink from and bathe in. Although unclean […]

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Burnt toast: Thoughts for Mother’s Day

March 6, 2005. I was just 8 years old and I had already forgotten to prepare for Mother’s Day. In a state of guilt and desperation I quickly came to a conclusion, I needed to make my mum a breakfast in bed she’d never forget. Time was of the essence, if she woke up my […]

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International Mother Language Day

What does a macho entrepreneur, wearing a rucksack while singing karaoke have to do with International Mother Language Day? You may not have noticed, but many words in English derive from foreign languages. Can you guess which countries the words above are drawn from? We have adopted various words through cultural exchange across hundreds of […]

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Education for all in Malawi

Today, I’m going to take you back to your childhood. Imagine yourself on the morning of your 9th birthday, and… it’s a Monday. You begin your morning routine. Eating rice krispies, brushing your teeth and putting your school uniform on. You’re just about to pull your school jumper over your head when your parents tell […]

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Violence against women – Part Two

Last week I blogged about why I believe we need to talk more about gender-based violence. Someone who I take inspiration from in addressing this issue is Jesus. I believe he was radical and proactive towards women’s rights. There are multiple occasions throughout the gospel where Jesus has acted counter-culturally and set the standard for how […]

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