Be Transformed: Our top 5 resources for Lent 2023

Top 5 resources for Lent


Be Transformed: Top 5 FREE resources for lent 2023

There are a lot of Lent resources out there. Perhaps you’re following a devotional with your local church or community group, or as a family or household.

Gladys William Village Malawi (Eagles)
Through individual stories and case studies, take a deep-dive into our unique partnership approach to development this Lent.

Your online Lent resources

The online world can be full of noise and clamour, but it can also help us to connect with new stories and contexts we’ve never understood before. This Lent, we’ve selected five of our favourite online Lent resources to hold a prayerful space in the midst of all that busy-ness!

Be Transformed

We may be biased, but this one is seriously good: All We Can’s Lent Devotional 2023, Be Transformed, is a deep-dive into our unique partnership approach to development.

Join All We Can and our global movement this Lent, and hear the voices of our partners and communities alongside insights from NGOs. Sessions are led by Gary Hopkins, the President and Vice-President of Conference, the Joint Public Issues Team, and the Evangelism and Growth Team.

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World Day of Prayer 2023

This one is a date for your diary: World Day of Prayer is a women-led, global, ecumenical day of prayer on Friday March 3rd 2023. This is a day, led by women around the world, for the whole Christian community. Check out this year’s resources online.

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The Beatitudes

Student Christian Movement Beatitudes graphic
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Not just for students, and a great option for those with busy schedules. The Student Christian movement’s 4-session reflection series on the Beatitudes is beautiful, simple, and doesn’t hold back.

If you’re on the go, make some time for yourself with this great resource.

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The Vine at Home

A free weekly resource from The Worship Cloud which is lectionary-based and follows the church calendar. And the best part? It comes straight to your inbox! If you want to re-commit to regular reflection and study during lent, this is a great resource for you.

The Worship Cloud also offers a subscription for church and group leaders.

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The Way UK

For those who like video content, this is a great option. A partnership between the Church of England and The Way has led to a series of online content that stands alongside and explores aspects of the Lent and Easter journey. Listen to the voices of young people as they talk about how faith fits into public life this lent.

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Share yours

Do you have a favourite resource for the Lent season? Or perhaps you’ve enjoyed using our devotionals and worship resources throughout the year?

Leave a comment below and maybe we’ll include you in our next round-up!

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