Call for action and prayer on the Polish-Belarusian border crisis


All We Can stands together with colleagues across the European Commission on Mission, and the European Methodist Council, in support of the appeal from the United Methodist Church in Poland regarding the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. The crisis, which has been unfolding since the start of November, has seen men, women and children travel from Minsk, in Belarus, to the border with Poland. Amid dangerously low temperatures and poor facilities in the forested areas where people are camping, the situation poses the potential to become a humanitarian emergency.

Despite the worsening situation, supplies and medical aid for those facing dangerous and difficult circumstances on the border are struggling to get through. On 17 November, the United Methodist Church in Poland released a statement calling for prayer and action to help the victims of the crisis. All We Can, as a member of the European Commission on Mission – a group of Methodist mission boards and development agencies from across Europe – together with the European Methodist Council, is in full support of the statement. We urge all members of the All We Can family to continue to pray for peace, safety, and a speedy resolution to the unfolding crisis.

You can read the full statement from the United Methodist Church in Poland here, and the supporting statement from the European Methodist Council here.

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