Responding to the Climate Crisis

Around the world, vulnerable communities are experiencing the effects of climate change. Gradually shifting weather patterns, rising sea levels and more extreme weather events are all clear and devastating evidence of a rapidly changing climate. Often, the world’s poorest communities are those impacted most by a changing and increasingly unpredictable climate.

Radically Changing the Story

A pack of inspiring resources to consider how you can radically change the story of some of the world’s poorest communities,  understanding the impact of climate climate on individuals and families in our world and how you can act and respond now.

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Belyu’s story

In her 45 years, Belyu has seen dramatic change in the small village of Cherkos in Ethiopia, where she lives. In her youth, Belyu remembers two rainy seasons – one from February to June, known locally as the belg season, and a second in the latter half of the year, known as meher. Today, the change in climate means that the short, sharp rains of the belg season no longer make an appearance in the central Ethiopian Highlands where Cherkos is situated. Only the meher season remains – but this season is longer, and the rains are too heavy for the soil in Cherkos to absorb. When the meher season arrives, the ground is quickly over-saturated and crops struggle to grow well. In a community where life is defined by the rhythms of the land, this change presents a deadly challenge.

“When I was in childhood, there was a surplus of crops,” she said. “But now, I live in poverty.” Like many others in Cherkos, Belyu remembers a time when providing for the family was not the struggle that it is today. Nowadays, she estimates that families like hers are only able to produce a third of what they could just thirty years ago. The impact of this dramatic decrease in production means that there is a ‘food gap’ – a few months in every year where Belyu struggles to produce enough to feed herself and the four children she looks after. Where just one generation ago there was enough for all, now there is real scarcity.

Watch Belyu’s story here.


Resources, links and prayers

Climate change stories- Visit our youtube for stories from the people of Cherkos, Ethiopia and discover how climate change is affecting their lives.

Vlog – All We Can CEO, Graeme Hodge, reflects on climate change and its effects on communities in Ethiopia

Mind, body and soil – Lessons learnt about caring for the planet from a group of Ethiopian farmers

2019 Harvest Resources – Learn about the impact of climate change in Ethiopia, and take action this Harvest

St Paul’s Church Solar Panels – Be inspired by St Paul’s in the Sheffield Methodist Circuit, as they help the environment and support All We Can’s work in Malawi


Prayer for creation

A prayer based on Psalm 95:1-7 Creator God,

In your hand are the depths of the earth.
The mountain peaks belong to you, The sea is your creation,
The dry land is your handiwork,
The fruit of the land is your design,
The taste of the produce is your gift,
And we are your people,
a flock under your care.
We give you our thanks and praise, O God.

Amen. Claire Welch