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A Prayer for Libya and Morocco

Dear Lord,

When disasters of this magnitude strike, it is hard for us to do justice in our minds and hearts to the amount of suffering they cause. In a week where two such disasters have occurred within days of each other, we seek your guidance on how to feel, pray, and act.

In the face of ever-increasing suffering and death that our limited minds struggle to put into perspective, may the compassion of our hearts rise to the heights that the comprehension of our minds cannot.

Gently steer us from flippant explanations, thoughtless platitudes, or numb apathy. Guide us towards solidarity, generosity, and advocacy.

In Morocco, we pray that the correct aid may reach inaccessible areas affected by the earthquake, and that greater collaboration may be achieved in the coordination of relief efforts.

In Libya, we pray for partnership across political divides, for the good of the humanitarian response.

In both countries, we pray for perseverance and success in ongoing rescue and relief efforts, and that you will offer comfort to the tens of thousands of those who mourn.
We recognise in these events that natural hazards may have been fuelled and exacerbated by local political failings, and our collective global inaction on climate change.
Help us, Lord, in our contexts and around the world to do what we can to prevent climate breakdown, and to reduce the chances of natural hazards becoming disasters.

In Jesus’ name, we pray.