Cyclone Idai adds to the misery in Malawi


UN declare: “Worst ever disaster for Southern Africa”

Cylone Idai has torn its way through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. 2.6 million people have been affected across these three countries. This number is rising, as are the injury and death tolls.

Critical flooding in Malawi during the month of March caused widespread devastation with loss of life, displacement and entire harvests destroyed. The President announced a state of emergency on 8 March. Since the cyclone hit this week, the number of people affected has risen by more than 450,000 in Malawi.

The total number of people affected is now 922,900. This number will rise as heavy rainfall is expected to continue. People have been deeply affected in a number of ways.

Before the flooding, 3.3 million Malawians required food assistance due to failed harvests, this high level of food insecurity is what brought All We Can to work in Malawi. The number of communities now in desperate need of food has now been exacerbated because of this extreme weather destroying entire harvests. Not only have food supplies been eradicated, but whole livelihoods. 65% of Malawians rely on agriculture to earn a living – this includes the communities that All We Can work closely with.

Lack of sanitation and health facilities are also sparking angst across the country. Water sources have become contaminated with flood water. A lack of clean water has potentially life-threatening consequences with an increased risk of diseases such as cholera and malaria.

It is reported that over 125,382 people have been displaced from their homes. People with nowhere to go are being hosted in camps. The majority of the camps have inadequate shelter, and lack much needed sanitation and medical supplies.

All We Can launched a joint appeal with The Methodist Church on 15 March 2019 for those affected by the devastating floods. The need has now grown further in the aftermath of the cyclone. All We Can already have local partners working in the worst affected areas of Malawi. All We Can’s Humanitarian Aid Coordinator, Laura Cook, explains, “Given the extent of the need in Malawi and the strength of our partners who operate in some of the most affected areas, All We Can has decided to focus its relief effort there.”

“We ask for your prayers for our brothers and sisters at this time. If you are able, we also ask that you give all you can to help. Your donation could supply lifesaving food to the worst affected communities in Malawi.”

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