Doing all we can in Indonesia

All We Can has been working in Indonesia since September 2018 helping families that were affected by a tsunami and earthquake. Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia.

In September 2018 there was a huge earthquake in Indonesia. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit only six miles from the country’s coast, and triggered a tsunami – a huge wave which hit the coastline.

The tsunami was about six metres high, which is about the height of a small house.

There was a lot of damage caused by the earthquake and the tsunami:

– Some people died

– Some people lost their homes

– Some people lost their clothes and all of their belongings

– Some people lost their farms and they now find it hard to grow the food they need to eat.

All We Can has been working in Indonesia to help people repair and rebuild their homes. It has also been working with children in schools helping them to recover as many were very scared by what happened.

Why do earthquakes happen?

Although when we walk the Earth’s surface seems really firm and solid it is actually made up of huge pieces of flat rock called tectonic plates.

These tectonic plates float on top of a layer of softer rock called the mantle.

The plates move very slowly (too slowly for us to notice), over millions of years, and where they come together it is called a fault.

When the plates rub together, the movement forces waves of energy to come to the Earth’s surface.

The energy causes the Earth to shake – and these shakes are called earthquakes.

In the UK we do not often have earthquakes that we can feel but in countries like Indonesia they happen more often

What can you do to help people in emergencies?

All We Can helps people in emergencies by supporting them when the disaster happens. Sometimes this means helping people with food, sometimes it means helping people with shelter so they have somewhere to sleep and sometimes this means helping them with medical care. When some time has passed people then also need support to be able to build back homes or to find ways to get a new job so that they can earn enough money to look after their family. This support is often needed for a long time after a serious disaster like this one in Indonesia.

You can fundraise for All We Can and ask for the money you raise to go to help people in emergencies. You can also learn more about communities that live in countries that are more likely to suffer from natural disasters or disasters caused by climate change.

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