The President & Vice-President’s Appeal on Climate Change

The President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference
are inviting every church to offset their carbon emissions
by giving to All We Can.

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Climate change is affecting many of the communities where All We Can is working, rains and flooding destroy harvests and climate disasters put lives, livelihoods and infrastructure at risk.

One of the ways to tackle climate change is by reducing / offsetting our own carbon footprint. So we are delighted that the incoming President and Vice-President of Methodist Conference – Rev Dr Barbara Glasson and Professor Clive Marsh – are committed to this action. When Barbara and Clive travel over the year visiting churches across the Connexion, they will be asking those they visit to offset their travel by making a donation to All We Can.

Every donation will go to our work with local communities in countries like Ethiopia to plant trees that will offset the carbon emissions of their travel. It costs around 5p a mile to offset the carbon emissions of an average car journey in the UK.

When Barbara or Clive come to visit your Church, Circuit or District this year,  donate 5p per mile to tackle climate change and work towards the vision of being a more carbon-neutral church.

Dereje Teshome – a tree planter working with All We Can in Ethiopia