Change Begins With A Bike

Will you stand together with girls like Nawalat today?

For girls like Nawalat, a bicycle is more than a way to travel. It is a way to break the cycle of poverty.


Your gift of £6.00 a month could help to break the cycle of poverty for a child like Nawalat.

Nawalat’s story

Nawalat dreams of becoming a nurse – but as a young girl living in Butagaya, Uganda, every day is a challenge.  Her journey to school is long and difficult, and as the eldest child, she must help her widowed mother and younger siblings at home. But young girls like Nawalat have the potential they need to break the cycle of poverty.

The regular support of people like you helped provide Nawalat with her bicycle – and now, she can take her future into her own hands. Nawalat’s two-hour walk to school, and the risks she faced along the way, meant she arrived late, and was turned away. Now she cycles, she’s there on time, every day – and she can help with chores as well. Her dream of becoming a nurse has been made possible, thanks to her bicycle.

By starting your monthly gift today, you could help many more girls like Nawalat gain the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty, and journey into a future full of possibility.