Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

Coronavirus is devastating the lives and livelihoods of our global neighbours. Will you help save lives today?


Today, you can help vulnerable communities across the globe to combat Coronavirus.

Can you imagine having to face Coronavirus without access to running water and soap? In cramped and unhygienic conditions, where social distancing simply isn’t possible? This is the reality faced by our brothers and sisters across the globe, right now.

Your gift of £34 could help support an isolation centre for a day providing personal protective equipment (PPE); medical supplies and technical support to isolation beds.

Cox’s Bazar, in Bangladesh, is home to the world’s largest refugee camp. Here, Coronavirus is an urgent and ever present danger. In a situation where life is already desperately hard for the inhabitants of the camps, this disease could spread rapidly, as sanitation facilities are scant and social distancing near impossible. With the recent news of cases of Coronavirus detected within the camps, this threat is more urgent than ever.

The generosity of people like you is already supporting the installation of 1000 isolation beds as part of a wider health sector response. Your gift today can help ensure these vulnerable communities stand strong in the face of this pandemic,

Your gift today of £43 can help provide bicycle repair and sanitisation kits, enabling vulnerable families to continue to access bicycles in their time of need.

Away from the camps of Cox’s Bazar, in places like Uganda, it is not only the virus that poses a threat. The lockdown conditions have made life for those on the margins of society yet more challenging. In particular, a ban on public transport has made it very difficult for those living in rural communities to access essential basic services such as healthcare centres, or to travel to market to sell crops and buy food for their families. A sanitised community bicycle is a life line for these families – and your support could mean more bicycles for communities in need.

Any gift, no matter how small, will make a vital difference. It is a message to communities all over the world that you care deeply about them, and that you are committed to standing alongside them.

Now, more than ever before, we must stand together as a global community to combat this deadly pandemic.

Image: Temperature screening stations in Cox’s Bazar are an essential way of limiting the spread of the virus within the camps. © Medair