Christmas Appeal 2017

The lives of children in Ethiopia are at great risk. A gift this Christmas could help save them.

This Christmas, you could help save children’s lives by providing poor families in Ethiopia with a safe, efficient way to cook their daily meals.

In remote, rural communities, poor families in Ethiopia are forced to cook on open fire stoves. Houses quickly fill up with smoke because there is little or no ventilation. Children are uniquely vulnerable to the toxins in the smoke which cause irreversible health problems such as lung cancer and child pneumonia. Thankfully there is a simple solution– the mirt stove, which provides poor families in Ethiopia with a safe, efficient way to cook their daily meals.

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Working with local co-operatives to build and promote mirt stoves

A mirt stove is a concrete oven that vents smoke outdoors and helps burn wood more effectively than open fires. These stoves are safer, cleaner and can radically improve the health of many poor families, ensuring vulnerable children live longer and healthier lives.

With your support, you could help families in need establish local co-operatives and provide them with the training, skills and resources needed to build and distribute mirt stoves. Working together, members of co-operatives can sell stoves for a profit and earn stable incomes for their families. Each member can take a share of the group’s profit to cover household or education expenses, take a loan in times of hardship or reinvest in their business. By sharing their profits, they can begin to thrive, rather than just survive. Most importantly by working with local groups we can ensure that the most vulnerable families receive these lifesaving stoves.

“Beyond our immediate (financial) benefits, people around who are buying or using these stoves are saving their lives; they are healthier.” Ihte-Gebril Tadesse, Chair of Basso stove co-operative.

Many families in poor communities in Ethiopia are beginning to use mirt stoves but we need to be able to reach more families before more children die from irreversible, life-threatening diseases.

Your gift today could save children’s lives and inspire lasting change for families in need.

If we are to continue to support people living in poverty to become all they can, it is crucial to support the most vulnerable in the best way that we can. By reducing these families’ exposure to deadly poisons, giving them the tools and the knowledge to make and promote mirt stoves, and enabling them to earn a living at the same time, we are doing just that. Your gift this Christmas could help families in Ethiopia to receive the vital support they need to overcome poverty.