Christmas Appeal

This Christmas, will you support farming communities in need like Terefe’s? 


Terefe’s story

Terefe is a farmer, living in a rural village in the central Ethiopian highlands. He relies on the land to make a living – he needs the fertile soil for his crops to grow, and ample grass and foliage for his livestock to forage on. Like many farmers across the region, he must live in harmony with the land to survive. But sadly, climate change and decades of land degradation are making that ever harder. If nothing is done, the land will become unliveable – meaning Terefe and his family will struggle to get by.

With your support, there is hope for farmers like Terefe. You can help vulnerable communities come together to form conservation groups to care for and protect the land, and help their families flourish. Through training provided by a local organisation All We Can works with in Ethiopia, farmers like Terefe are equipped to conserve and manage local water sources, manage their soils, and plant trees – thus restoring their land, their livelihoods, and their hope of a bright future for their children.

‘I love trees because plants are fruit’, shares Terefe. ‘They protect the land from soil erosion, and if there is high wind coming from other areas, they prevent the wind from blowing the soil to other areas.’

Your gift today can help Terefe and his friends in the conservation group to rebuild and restore the natural environment around their homes – ensuring creation is protected, and families enabled to reach their God-given potential.