Harvest Appeal 2017

A gift today could help families like Regai’s overcome poverty, hopelessness and injustice

Bad harvests and irregular rainfall in Zimbabwe mean families are struggling to feed their children. With your support, people like Regai could start a new business, receive income to feed their families and bring lasting change to their community.

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Will you answer their prayers and help support those in great need?

At Harvest, we give thanks to God for the abundance of food that is available to us. But as Christians, our attention also turns to those less fortunate, people like Regai, a mother and grandmother living in Zimbabwe, who is struggling to feed her family.

Regai and her boys live in southern Zimbabwe where a changing climate is having a devastating effect on their harvests and food production. Farmers like Regai are struggling to grow staple crops which require regular rainfall. As the vast majority of people in the region depend on agriculture for food and income, families like hers are on the edge of survival.

Regai is desperate for her boys to receive an education that will help them to overcome the poverty and injustice they were born into. She told us:

“I was not fortunate enough to go to school as my parents were poor. My hope is that my cycle of being poor will come to an end if my children go to school.”

Help break the cycle of poverty

With your support, Regai and others like her, will receive the training and resources they need to start a profitable business which is not dependent on the changing weather. This local initiative will bring together the most vulnerable people in a community so they can discuss their needs, receive support and plan their business. With a stable income, these families’ lives can be improved. Parents will be able to buy nutritious food for their children and pay school fees.

Regai and her local group have chosen to raise chickens which they can sell for a profit. To start their business, Regai and her community need to pay for chicks, feed, feeders and vaccines as the chickens grow. Working with inspiring local people, All We Can will provide advice and training on raising chickens and how to save and reinvest profits.

Just some of the ways you can support lasting change

£21 could provide 20 chickens to kick-start a business, helping families gain an income and provide for their needs.

£60 could provide vaccines to 250 chickens to keep them healthy and of a good quality for sale.

£137 could buy five bags of feed to keep the chickens well fed before they’re sold, earning an income for a community living in poverty.

We urgently need to supply more resources and training to other communities. Your support could be the vital difference between those struggling to survive and a hopeful future.

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