Harvest Appeal 2018

Like every parent, Shanu wants the best for his children. 

It costs just £24 to buy seeds to plant for food and help stop a child like Sam going hungry.

Will you send a gift today?

Shanu wants to give his children the opportunities he never had. But without your support, it is hard – if not impossible – for poor farmers like him to make that happen, which is why we need your help today.

Shanu is living his ‘darkest hour’ right now. Irregular rains and widespread drought caused by climate change have decimated his crop yield. His family currently only has enough food to eat just one meal a day. It breaks Shanu’s heart to see the effect hunger has on his six-year-old son Sam.

“I’m proud of Sam. He’s a very intelligent young man. But I get sad because I don’t have enough to send him to school. At times, we sleep on empty stomachs, and in the morning he cannot go to school because he is hungry. I wish I had enough.”

For a farmer like Shanu, your generosity could mean the chance to give his children like Sam the opportunities he never had. You could help farmers in some of the world’s poorest communities to sow seeds on fertile ground and harvest plentiful crops – providing life, health and food. Ensuring children like Sam have the energy and strength they need to
enjoy school, gain an education and fulfil their God-given potential.

Thank you for doing all you can this Harvest – please donate what you are able to.