Harvest Appeal 2019

Climate Crisis in Ethiopia

The climate crisis in Ethiopia means families are going hungry. Will you help a family like Fikerte’s to grow potatoes to beat hunger?

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Climate change preys on those who are already most vulnerable in our world. It complicates and compounds the chains of poverty which prevent people from fulfilling their God-given potential.

In parts of Ethiopia, over the last 30 years a changing climate has destroyed harvests. Now many people, like Fikerte, struggle to feed their families. All We Can is supporting communities like Fikerte’s to produce better harvests by introducing new seeds and vegetables – such as potatoes, which grow well in the changing climate. Communities like Fikerte’s are also trained in farming techniques and business skills, which helps to ensure successful harvests for the future, providing much needed food and an income stream for families.

Despite the challenges Fikerte faces, she still holds on to the hope of a better life for her children, “my hope is to raise my children so they are able to support themselves”.

Your gift today could help provide a woman like Fikerte with vegetable and potato seeds, along with training in improved farming methods so she can feed her children despite a changing climate.

With your support, families like Fikerte’s can have their hopes realised, and see improvement not only in the lives of their children, but for future generations as well.

To find out more about how climate change is impacting the lives of families like Fikerte’s and how potatoes can help them beat hunger, download the Climate Crisis in Ethiopia appeal.