Cyclone Idai Disaster

 Malawi Floods Appeal update

All We Can and The Methodist Church in Britain are supporting the people of Malawi following devastating flooding and cyclone in March 2019. The Malawi Floods Appeal is now closed but because of generous donations made, All We Can has provided families with emergency food supplies, hygiene and sanitation equipment, cooking tools, mosquito nets, school supplies and temporary shelter supplies in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

  • On 5-8 March 2019, heavy rains throughout Southern Malawi caused severe flooding. A state of emergency was declared by the President of Malawi on 8 March due to the widespread devastation, loss of life and displacement of tens-of-thousands of people. The impact of Cyclone Idai then exacerbated the disaster. The Cyclone passed over Southern Africa affecting Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
  • Over 125,000 people were displaced from their homes in Malawi, and families faced hunger as harvests were destroyed. The number of people affected by the floods reached 922,000.

Update: All We Can has been able to support communities in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique because of the generosity of supporters to the Malawi Floods Appeal.

Sineya and Lingstone

  • In Malawi, All We Can has been providing families with emergency food supplies, sanitation and hygiene supplies, shelter, school resources and cooking utensils. Sineya received emergency support from All We Can and said, “My family and I have really benefited from the items we have received. We are protected from mosquitos, have nutritious food and clean water to drink. We will not forget All We Can.”
  • In Mozambique, families were supported with sanitation and hygiene supplies.
  • All We Can also helped a school in Zimbabwe with new stationery and furniture, enabling children of examination age to continue learning at a vital stage of their educational development.