The Next Steps – Harvest Appeal 2021

Will you take the next steps alongside communities like Shupikai’s this Harvest?


Shupikai’s story

Meet Shupikai – a widow, who lives with her children in Nkayi, Zimbabwe. In Nkayi, climate change and the impact of Covid-19 have conspired to make daily life ever harder. In a dry, arid region, where rainfall is often not sufficient to grow enough crops to eat, making ends meet is a real challenge. These difficulties have only got harder, as Covid-19 has prevented farmers from visiting markets to sell their produce, and make an income.

Thankfully, by working with All We Can’s local partner in Nkayi, Shupikai is taking her next steps towards a better future. By taking part in farming projects, Shupikai has learned how to farm more efficiently, conserve water, and mitigate some of the challenges of climate change in Nkayi. She has been able to acquire livestock and develop a flourishing vegetable garden. Shupikai now feels hopeful about her future. ‘I saw changes in my life from the time I started participating in these programmes’ she explains.

Will you take the next steps alongside families like Shupikai’s? £6 a month could support two farmers to access the seeds, resources and training they need to develop a sustainable source of income through farming, and provide for their families.