Walking Together

All We Can’s Summer 2022 ‘Walking Together’ Newsletter

Welcome to your Summer 2022 edition of ‘Walking Together!’ In this update, we explore how All We Can and our Humanitarian Aid partners are continuing to walk alongside refugee communities. As Refugee Week (20-26 June) approaches, we are reminded again of all the incredible ways refugees contribute to communities and culture around the world.

This year’s Refugee Week theme is ‘healing’. In the newsletter, you’ll learn more about how All We Can are working together with humanitarian aid partners to ensure that refugees are not only able to heal from the trauma they have faced – but also to unlock new opportunities and fulfil their potential. I hope that you’ll enjoy learning more about all the incredible ways that together, we’re helping to transform lives.

We are so grateful for all that you continue to do in support of our global neighbours. It is only by working together that real change, like the stories explored in this newsletter, can begin.

You can be a vital part of ensuring this transformational work continues for generations to come. Just £10 a month a month could provide high quality self-learning materials for Rohingya women and girl refugees, and teacher training modules designed to support female Rohingya teachers. This essential support can help Rohingya refugees unleash their potential, and embrace a better future.