Walking Together

All We Can’s Winter 2021 Newsletter

2021 has been another challenging year – both for those of us here in the UK as we’ve navigated lockdowns, restrictions, uncertainty and isolation, and for our global neighbours around the world. Climate change, Covid-19, humanitarian disasters, injustice and inequality remain rife. But in amongst these challenges, real change is happening. Potential is being unleashed, and communities are journeying towards a flourishing, thriving future.

In this ‘Walking Together’ update, you can explore a range of All We Can’s work. From the impact of your donations in Haiti after August’s devastating earthquake, through to an update on how communities are taking the next steps after Covid-19 and climate change in Zimbabwe, there’s lots to discover. I hope that you’ll enjoy learning more about all the incredible ways that together, we’re helping to transform lives.

We are so grateful for all that you continue to do in support of our global neighbours. It is only by working together that real change, like the stories explored in this newsletter, can begin.

You can be a vital part of ensuring this transformational work continues for generations to come – just £6 a month could support two farmers in Zimbabwe with the seeds, resources and training they need to develop a sustainable source of income through farming.