Standing together in times of emergency

Supporting Rohingya refugees

On 22 March 2021, an enormous fire tore through Kutupalong refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar – destroying shelters, displacing thousands, and causing untold trauma to families living in the affected area.

Thanks to your generous support, All We Can was able to respond to the urgent need through our humanitarian aid partner in the region. Vulnerable Rohingya refugee families living in camps 9 and 8E, whose homes were destroyed in the fire, now have access to dignified and secure shelters. Despite the challenges of rainfall, poor weather conditions, and complications caused by Covid-19, more than 80 new shelters have been constructed.

The new shelters are more secure, stable and well ventilated in comparison to those which were lived in prior to the fire – which were poorly constructed, packed close together, and with inadequate ventilation.

Alongside building new and improved shelters for families, fire safety training has also taken place – ensuring that every family has the knowledge they need to protect
themselves and their loved ones should a fire take place again. Those trained have been encouraged to share their learnings and knowledge with others to ensure that
their household, neighbours’ and community members feel safe and secure. Thank you for helping make this critical response possible.

Haiti earthquake response 

On the morning of 14 August a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. A few days later, Tropical Depression Grace made landfall, causing further damage and destruction. The Haitian Civil Protection have reported that an estimated 2,189 people are known to have died, over 12,200 people are injured, thousands are internally displaced, and at least 129,000 homes have been either damaged or completely destroyed.

All We Can and the Methodist Church in Britain immediately launched an appeal to support those affected. The outpouring of generosity from individuals and churches up
and down the country received in response to this appeal enabled the urgent needs of those most impacted by the earthquake – like temporary shelter, food, and clean water – to be met.

The response will support people like Ysmela – a 72-year-old widow, who was working on her farm when the earthquake hit. Rushing home from her fields, she found her house had collapsed – but her children, who had been in the home while she worked, were safe. Now Ysmela and her family are forced to sleep outside, as all houses in her neighbourhood are either damaged or collapsed. ‘I would like to have a place to rest my head, and be able to feed my family’ she shared.

Now that immediate needs have been met in the aftermath of the earthquake, plans are underway to help communities as they embrace a longer-term recovery. This will include the repair and reconstruction of damaged shelters, and making improvements to local water supplies so that they are hurricane and earthquake proof. In addition, efforts to strengthen food security, and develop livelihoods and community resilience will be explored.

Thank you for helping families like Ysmela’s. For more information, and to keep up to date with All We Can’s response in Haiti, visit our website.

Download the pictures used in this article here and here.