Gift aid for churches

With Gift Aid, All We Can is able to claim back the tax paid on your donation. This gives us 25p extra per £1 you donate – at no extra cost to you. A £20 donation to All We Can is worth an extra £5. We claim this directly from the Inland Revenue, making your gifts from your church worth even more to the people we work with in some of the world’s poorest communities.

We would love to send you our free Gift Aid envelopes for collections from your church or group. You can order them, and other resources, here.


Information for the treasurer

There are two ways to reclaim the tax. It is important that you decide which of the methods below you will use before taking up the collection.

Through the accounts of your church or charitable organisation: If you are reclaiming Gift Aid through your organisation’s accounts, you will need to use your own Gift Aid declaration forms or envelopes, which you should show to your local Inland Revenue office for verification.

Through All We Can: If you wish All We Can to reclaim the Gift Aid, please use recognised All We Can envelopes (freely available here).

Through the accounts of your church or charitable organisation

You will need to bank the donations, calculate the Gift Aid collected and send us a cheque made payable to All We Can for the full amount (that is, for the donations plus the Gift Aid reclaimed). Remember that any Gift Aid declarations you process through your organisation’s accounts should stay in your file so that there is a proper audit trail. Please do not send these declarations to us, as the Finance Office will assume we can record these declarations here and could, inaccurately, duplicate tax recovery.

Through All We Can

Please use All We Can Gift Aid forms or envelopes, ensuring donors complete them in block capitals.  Donors need do this only once (although they do need to inform us if they change their address or stop paying tax). The declaration on these is worded so that we can reclaim Gift Aid on all donations made by the donor for the last four years unless they notify us otherwise. Please do not use envelopes from other organisations, such as Methodist Church Gift Aid forms and envelopes, which are not suitable for donations to All We Can.

Please ensure that the donation in each envelope tallies with the figure recorded on it. If the donor has not recorded how much is in the envelope, please write it on the envelope in the space provided; otherwise All We Can cannot reclaim any Gift Aid on that donation. If you are given a cheque made payable to All We Can, simply forward it to us. Once you have totalled the collection, bank the money and forward a cheque for the full amount to All We Can.

Gift Aid For Churches: Frequently asked questions

 How much does Gift Aid add to my donation?

Currently, for every £1 donated, All We Can can reclaim 25p.

What about higher rate taxpayers?

If you pay tax at the higher rate of 40%, All We Can can still only reclaim tax at the basic rate of 20%. However, you can claim tax relief at 20% of your gross donation, which works out as 25p for every £1 given. You can claim this tax relief through your annual tax return, or by getting in touch with your tax office by telephone.

Do I need to date an All We Can Gift Aid declaration?

Yes. Following changes in Inland Revenue rules you will need to date the All We Can Gift Aid declaration or we will need to date it when we receive it. We will then reclaim tax on all gifts you have made to us for the previous four years, unless you notify us otherwise.

Why do we have to use only All We Can Gift Aid declaration forms or envelopes?

Like every charity, All We Can is obliged to act in accordance with charity law, which makes it subject to account auditing. The auditors check that All We Can has reclaimed Gift Aid accurately and in line with the guidance of the Inland Revenue. The Inland Revenue states that: ‘A Gift Aid declaration completed by a donor must clearly state which charity their Gift Aid declaration is made out in favour of.’ Please use All We Can Declaration forms wherever possible, but if creating your own declaration form, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it clear that the form relates to Gift Aid recovery in favour of All We Can?
  • Does the form state that the donor is a taxpayer and wishes All We Can to reclaim the tax on all gifts for the last four years?
  • Is there space on the form for the donor to clearly write their full name and address?
  • Is it actually easier to order declaration forms or envelopes from All We Can?

Thank you so much for making your gifts for those living in the world’s poorest communities go even further.