The Next Steps

Because of the support of All We Can’s partner, Zubo Trust, women like Maritha (pictured) are taking their next steps out of poverty.

In Binga District, Zimbabwe, so many factors have combined to present a challenge. But the community here knows that their greatest resource is in their hands. Will you partner with them, and walk alongside people like Maritha?


Maritha, 44, and her granddaughter Brianna, live in Siachilaba, Binga – a remote village in the arid regions of north-western Zimbabwe. In a region prone to extreme weather events such as drought, growing enough food to eat can be difficult; and as the country grapples with the impact of Covid-19, the future poses many challenges.

All We Can’s local partner in Binga, Zubo, are helping women like Maritha take their next steps, overcome these challenges, and begin to see their potential fulfilled. The Ilala palm baskets are one of several craft project which aim to give women an alternative income that can provide them with more financial stability.

From August – November 2020 (in lockdown), All We Can’s partner Zubo supported women to sell 6,000 ilala baskets, and take their next steps in overcoming the challenges of COVID-19. Will you be a part of their ongoing journey, by making a gift today?

By starting a regular gift of just £5 a month, you could help more women to create baskets, get them to market, and secure a sustainable source of income to help their families flourish.