Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism in 2019/20

In 2020, All We Can reviewed its approach and culture in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion.

As a result, we have taken a number of new steps to ensure we continue to improve and are a fair and inclusive movement for all.  We recognise that ensuring diversity, inclusion and anti-racism are embedded throughout all aspects of our movement is not a conclusive process. Rather is an ongoing journey of improvement and we remain committed to this process of learning, awareness and action.  We recognise our important role as an international development charity, in challenging and in halting the perpetuation of colonial, racist, and unjust depictions of development, aid, and the communities we serve.


Key achievements in 19/20

  • All We Can continues to pioneer the localisation development agenda within its work – ensuring programs and crises responses are lead, owned and championed by local organisations and communities.
  • All We Can altered its approach to recruitment (including language and imagery used) to ensure that diverse audiences are more intentionally reached by recruitment processes for staff, trustees and volunteers. Interview panels will be selected from a group of managers & employee representatives who are trained in effective interview skills including ensuring an anti-bias approach to selection. Interview panels will include these staff in all interviews and where possible, always aim to include a Black, Indigenous or person of colour on the panel and/or another person able to represent an aspect of diversity and have personal insight of protected characteristics.
  • Having altered our recruitment processes, reflection led to an examination of our organisational policies on Equality and Diversity, and the development of a more enhanced ‘umbrella’ policy on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, setting new, higher standards and accountability for our work in this area and further enhancing and challenging an already positive culture of inclusion within the organisation.
  • Staff and Trustees received expert Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training, which is now established as a regular part of our ongoing development and training.
  • In its new 5 year strategy, All We Can has firmly established inclusion, equality and diversity as a key focus and commitment in our vision and redefined mission, values, beliefs and goals.
  • All We Can has established an internal diversity, inclusion and anti-racism working group, to champion and pioneer issues within the staff team. A learning portal on the staff intranet site has been created to support this working group’s vital work and facilitation of regular team events focusing on various aspects of diversity and inclusion.
  • Regular sharing of information, ideas, art, articles, videos and other media focused on inclusive culture is encouraged and shared regularly within the team and on our intranet. One such aspect of positive culture is the use of book clubs to study literature focused on issues such as anti-racism, as a way of provoking ongoing conversation, reflection, and challenge to team members.
  • Two diversity and inclusion champions have been appointed at Board level, ensuring that an inclusive approach to governance and strategy remains front of mind in all conversations at Board and executive level.
  • All We Can is signatory to the ACEVO Diversity Principles.  Chief Executive Graeme Hodge will be assessed against these principles by All We Can’s Board of Trustees on an annual basis.
  • All We Can has signed the ‘Show The Salary’ pledge, to help tackle pay inequality within the third sector.
  • Data monitoring is being introduced to help identify areas within the organisation where further diversity, inclusion and/or anti-racism work is required

All We Can will continue to report back on equality, diversity, inclusion progress in future annual reviews. You can find out more detail in our annual report.