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Cliff Fest…Begins with a Bicycle!

Date: 24th - 27th May

Location: Cliff College


Cliff College Festival – or Cliff Fest – is an exciting way to spend May Bank Holiday! Join us at Cliff College in the picturesque setting of Calver in Derbyshire for a four-day event for all ages, aiming to encourage and equip the church for loving and serving God more effectively.

All We Can is proud to be partnered with Cliff College in delivering this event and we hope to see you there as we share some exciting stories from our work and show each of us how we can get involved! Look out for us on the main stage, in the seminar programme and in the marketplace…

Seminars (look out for more detail on this page and in your programme)

Change begins with a bike… Tim Baker
Saturday 23rd May, 4:30 – 5:30pm
Discover how you can play a vital part in breaking the cycle of poverty, hearing inspiring stories from All We Can’s work in Uganda, where bicycles are bringing change.

Why your communication triggers action – or doesn’t (and what Jesus knew about this) Steve Adams
Sunday 24th May, 4:30 – 5:30pm
Is persuasion pot-luck? When you’re trying to persuade or influence (your partner, children, peers, church, boss, interviewer) are you using the language of the action brain? Steve outlines the triggers for the two areas of the brain – exploring how Jesus always spoke to the action region.

Change begins with___ Matt Forsyth and Tim Baker
Saturday 23rd May, 2:00 – 3:00pm (18-30s)
How would you finish that sentence? Join Tim and Matt  from All We Can in this interactive and digitally engaging session around answering this sentence as young adults.