Lent For Children And Families

1. Explore the resources

You and your whole family can explore how change begins with a bicycle in Uganda during Lent 2021. You and the children in your life can help bring about change around the world. Enjoy!

Why don’t you and your family read and work through this booklet during Lent – there is a double page spread for each week.

If you would prefer to download the Lent 2021 booklet for children and families, click the link below:


2. Join in with Lent Collective Worship

Every Tuesday during Lent 2021 you and your family could join in with Collective Worship, starting at 8:30am and available for you to watch with the children in your life to watch during the week.

3. You and your family can support other families around the world!

In the resources, you and your family have met people from Uganda, where change is beginning to happen in their lives. You could help change lives today by fundraising to support this vital work. During Lent 2021, you and your family could go on a sponsored walk, bike ride or run, or perhaps you have other creative ideas for fundraising with your children.