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The power of potatoes is changing lives!

Over the next couple of months, individuals, churches and communities across the UK will be celebrating the harvest season. We give thanks for all the wonderful gifts we have received, and particularly for the blessings of the land, which produces the food we eat and enjoy. Many churches will hold a special harvest service, and we hope you will choose to do so in support of All We Can’s valuable work – find out more and download our resources

During this season, we also remember and feel connected to farmers around the world. Even as we harvest potatoes from our own fields, vegetable plots or nearby supermarket shelves, we feel a sense of connection with farmers like Fikerte in Ethiopia.

For her, the potato (along with other crops and seeds) has become an important way for her to fill the ‘hunger gap’ in her family’s diet. In the wake of unreliable harvests, caused by climate change and the erratic nature of the rains and the seasons, she is working with her local community to find solutions to these issues – among them a pioneering new strand of potato. This work is being supported by All We Can and you can find out lots more about Fikerte and her story in our Harvest Appeal resources.

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