Framework of Commitment with The Methodist Church


The Methodist Church in Britain approves a new Framework of Commitment with All We Can

At today’s Methodist Council meeting it was affirmed that All We Can, the Methodist relief and development agency, is an integral part of the Methodist Church’s Calling and its commitment to One Mission, acting for the Church through work in international relief and development and in related public engagement.

The Framework of Commitment approved, and unanimously endorsed, today at Methodist Council expresses the relationship and commitments between the Methodist Church and All We Can, setting a context for ongoing and deeper collaboration in the future.

All We Can’s CEO Graeme Hodge said of this agreement, “The Framework of Commitment between All We Can & The Methodist Church articulates our deep relationship and joint commitment to our calling and missional priorities. Today’s commitment articulates our deepening engagement and collaborative efforts. This collaboration is enabling us to develop new ways of working that will benefit those we serve – people living in some of the world’s poorest communities around the world. Today’s commitment reaffirms the vital role we play in serving the church as the Methodist relief and development agency.

“Today we re-assert our commitment to finding ways, together, to be good neighbours to those in need and to challenging and overcoming injustice through international relief and development. All We Can is an organisation that was born out of Christian principles over 80 years ago and is an integral part of the Methodist family. We are proud of our heritage and are excited about continuing to find new ways together to engage the Church in practical responses to the challenges of global poverty in word and deed.”

Doug Swanney, Connexional Secretary of the Methodist Church, commented, “Today’s agreement is good news and will further strengthen the historic partnership between the Methodist Church and All We Can.

“The agreed framework provides us with a context for future collaborations that will motivate and inform our work without constraining innovative thinking. As our collaboration continues to grow, the Connexion will receive a sense that the Church and All We Can are working towards common goals.”

In the Methodist Church’s ‘Future Mission Together’ it is acknowledged that ‘we live in a world broken by violence, injustice, poverty and greed.’ The new Framework of Commitment between The Methodist Church and All We Can is a pledge by both organisations to collaborate in a way intended to motivate, inform and inspire unified responses to a world in need through innovation and a mutual understanding of the nature of mission.

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