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Thank you for being an All We Can Partner Church, choosing to journey with some of the world’s poorest communities in solidarity, love and support.


Throughout 2019-20 we have been journeying with a community from Cherkos, who have been struggling to provide for their families due to failed harvests. All We Can is working with a local organisation to help these communities gain improved farming knowledge, a variety of seeds, and life-changing potatoes. These Super Spuds are making a remarkable difference and thank you for choosing to travel with them over this year. This community represents the kind of difference your support is making in poor communities across the world.

Of course, the impact of Coronavirus has changed much of this work, and left communities in even more need of our support. We cover some of this in our latest update, and are grateful for all the ways you have joined with us to pray, give and save lives around the world. Partnership is more important now, than ever.

Summer Update resources
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