How it works

A woman stands in her yard, wearing a blue shirt and wide brimmed hat.
Tendai Marima/All We Can

By becoming an All We Can Partner Church your church or group will have a meaningful relationship and journey with  some of the world’s poorest communities.

Your church can continue connecting with, supporting, and hearing back from poor communities across the world about the difference your support is making. Our aim is to support and equip your church to truly do all the good you can.

We will equip your church’s journey with one of the world’s poorest communities by providing:

  • A special welcome pack to launch your journey, including:
    – Service materials (prayers, sermon notes, interactive activities, etc.), this can be used as a Harvest service or at another time in the year.
    – An inspirational film
    – Fundraising resources
    – An information pack and poster
    – Children and youth resources
  • Regular news and messages four times in the year from the poor communities your support is impacting.
  • Invitations to exclusive and engaging events.
  • Worship materials to keep you inspired.
  • An engaging speaker to visit your church.
  • Fundraising ideas.
  • An end of year certificate and impact report detailing the total your church has raised for All We Can and the impact it has had.
  • A dedicated person from All We Can to be your point of contact.

You can do all the good you can for people living in poor communities by:

  • Signing-up as an All We Can Partner Church to journey with a community for a minimum of a year, and thereafter you will have the opportunity to journey with other communities in the years that follow.
  • Using the exclusive resources you receive to inspire your congregation to fundraise a minimum of £500 over the year for this life-saving work.
  • Appointing a Church Co-ordinator – every All We Can Partner Church needs a local volunteer to be the church contact who will receive the resources and get support from your dedicated All We Can member of staff.
  • Inviting congregation members to join as All Together regular givers. Their contributions will be added to your church’s fundraising total and reported back to you on an annual basis  (anonymised).


Where will our money go?

Your donations will go towards All We Can’s work, providing the funds needed to help us continue to support vital work undertaken with some of the poorest communities across the world. The community that you will journey with is representative of the kind of difference your support is having through All We Can. You can find out more about our finances and how our funds are spent by looking through our annual review, available here.

If your church does have any special requirements this can be discussed with your dedicated All We Can staff member.

How do we give the money that we have raised?

The easiest way is by collecting all of the money that you raise, and writing cheques for the totals made payable to ‘All We Can’, sending them in on a periodic basis (for instance quarterly). We will provide you with donation forms, referencing that you are an All We Can Partner Church, and instructions to make every step of the process as easy as possible. If you hold collections in your services as part of your commitment, you can order All We Can gift aid envelopes, so that we can claim tax back on your donations, sending the completed envelopes in with your cheque. We will also provide you with All We Can regular giving forms so you can encourage members of your congregation to give regularly. Their regular donations will be included in the annual reporting back to the church you receive (anonymised), helping you to raise even more for the poor communities we’re together serving.

Will we hear from the community?

All We Can will send you updates on the community you are journeying with every three months. These updates will include varied and interesting content with which you can engage your congregation on an ongoing basis. They will also show you how your giving is making a difference as you keep fundraising and raising awareness across your church and community. We would also be delighted to provide you with a speaker to talk about the All We Can’s work and the difference you’re making through being an All We Can Partner Church.

Can we contact the featured community directly?

We work with small organisations that do not have the capacity to deal with lots of enquiries about their work from the UK. Any communication opportunities will be organised as part of the All We Can Partner Church support we provide you. All We Can believes that it is best for the local organisations we work with to spend as much time as possible doing their vital development work. So, we do not encourage people to exchange letters or emails with individuals at the project because of the time it would take to manage such communication. That said, we will be arranging for key activities and communications as part of the All We Can Partner Church information you’ll receive, and through this you will have some fantastic opportunities to engage with the local community.

Can we support the community featured by collecting items in the UK to be sent overseas?

All We Can works with small organisations with the aim of helping them to grow, flourish and become more self-sufficient. Therefore, its staff focus on activities that will enable people to support themselves in the long term, such as providing training in new farming techniques and providing income generation opportunities, rather than handouts.

In addition, it would be difficult for All We Can staff to take such items as pens and exercise books to the communities where All We Can work, as they have a limited luggage allowance when travelling. The cost of sending items across borders and oceans can often outweigh the value of the items, and the money could usually be used far more effectively in the country by the local organisations we support. It is for these reasons that All We Can does not encourage its supporters to collect items for the communities it works with.

Why only one community to follow over a year?

To help keep our costs down and ensure as much money as possible is going towards our development and relief work, we will only feature our work in one country per year as part of this scheme. By having just one focus we will be able to ensure that the your church is well resourced each year with news from the community such as through film and worship materials. The community focus will change each year to help your church gain a wider experience of All We Can’s work and see the difference your support is having across the world.

It will not be possible for your church to be as well-resourced if you choose a different country or part of our work to focus on, but of course all donations and support will be gratefully received. If your church does have any special requirements this can be discussed with your dedicated All We Can staff member.

Can we visit the local community featured?

At present, we will not be organising any trips to see the work itself. Our partners are involved in working with and alongside local communities in a range of different ways and we want them to focus their energies on supporting the people in those communities, rather than taking time out to organise trips and experiences for UK supporters. That being said, we are organising more and more opportunities for supporters to meet with partners online, and as a Partner Church you and your congregation will have the chance to do that, through invitations to events run on Zoom. We will let you know about these opportunities as they occur.

Can we raise money towards a specific item required by the project?

All We Can requests that, where possible, all funds are given on an unrestricted basis so that they can be used where the needs are greatest across our work. We will provide you with examples of what your money could pay for to demonstrate to your congregation the impact their fundraising and giving can have on the ground. If you have a specific request beyond this, as an All We Can Partner Church you will have a named member of All We Can staff as your contact person who would be delighted to discuss this with you.