Music – Cliff Festival Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt at Cliff College for Cliff Festival 2022.
Treasure Hunt at Cliff College for Cliff Festival 2022.

Have you ever seen the film, August Rush?  There are these great lines in it that go “You know what music is? God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe, a harmonic connection between all living beings, everywhere, even the stars.”

Popular music of any kind can help us to explore and question our beliefs; or it can help to shape our understanding of God and the world that we live in; or it can give voice to our passions and concerns about what it is to be human.

Music brings people together. It triggers memories and connections. It expresses thoughts and feelings for those who struggle to do so. It can change lives. It can be the best way of connecting with the Divine. Music is a gift from God.

One of the most well-known songs by the pop group, Abba, is ‘Thank You for the Music’.  It could almost be a prayer for those of us who hear God speaking through music and lyrics. Any kind of music that is – not just hymns, choral songs and psalms.

Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing
Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing
Who can live without it?
I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music For giving it to me

Do you hear God speaking to you through music and lyrics? If you do, which songs are the ones that might have shaped or influenced your faith? If you haven’t, think about the songs that you like to play (or sing) when you’re happy, sad, angry or worried. Why do you play them? How do they make you feel? Might God be in there somewhere?

Creator God, thank you for the music in our lives. Help us to see you, and to hear you in the songs that we listen to each day. Thank you for the gift of music, and for the people who write, play, sing and share their music with us. May music continue to bring joy and peace to our lives. Amen.

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:21

Find out more about the hosts of your treasure hunt:

1. The Methodist Church

The Methodist Church is inviting you, during your time at Cliff Festival 2022, to:

– hold space for meaningful conversations which inspire you to do things differently back home
– pray about how you can be part of a growing, inclusive, evangelistic and justice seeking church.
– reflect on how prayer, justice and evangelism are an integrated response to the Gospel.

2. All We Can

All We Can is an international development agency, working on behalf of the church to walk alongside communities in places like Binga District in Zimbabwe and Butagaya in Zimbabwe, in order to help them become all that they can – to see every person’s potential fulfilled.

You can be a part of this work: