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Primary School age

Why is this important?

Sharing what we believe is an important part of learning to follow Jesus. Even when we are not sure what we believe yet, and as our ideas about faith continue to grow, it can help us and help others to share our story.
Everyone’s story matters. Especially yours.


How did you find out about Jesus? Who told you about the ‘Good News’? Was it one person, or lots of people?
Can you think of a time when you have heard someone else’s story and it helped you to think about yours? Or perhaps a time you listened to a story and found it difficult?


1) Draw 2 circles on a piece of paper, with a small one in the middle, and a big one around the outside.

In the middle of the circle, draw or write the names of people who are close to you, perhaps your family or your very closest friends.
In the next circle, draw or write the names of people who you see most days, but not every day.
Outside the circles, draw or write the names of other people who you sometimes see - perhaps people from church or distant family members.
As you are drawing and writing, think about their stories. Have they ever told you anything about what they believe?
And think about your story - is there something you could share with them about how God loves them? How might you say it?

2) Invite your children’s group leader or minister to share their ‘testimony’ with your group or with you. A testimony is a name we give to stories about how people talk about their faith and how they know God. Everyone’s story is different, you could ask several adults in your church to come and share their stories.

3) What about you? Could you share your own ‘testimony’? You might like to draw some pictures to help you tell the story. Have a go, and see how it feels.

Prayer Prompt

Thank God for the stories you have heard from other people, and for the different ways each of us has of learning from each other and from God.
As you pray to God, say thank for your journey, your story and always being with you. Ask for guidance and help as you move forward in your journey.

Pray for the people in your ‘circles’ (from the suggestion section). Give thanks to God for the way God is at work in each of their stories.

Secondary School age

Why is this important?

Your story matters. It's natural to want to pass on good news – passing an exam, a song that you love, getting on a team. Evangelism is about passing on the good news of Jesus’ love for you, and it flows out of our excitement about what we have discovered.

It’s also great to listen to other people’s stories of their experiences of God and spirituality. It might not come up naturally in conversation, but you can ask them.


How do you feel about opening up in conversation about your faith? Do you think people will be interested, or hostile?


Throw a deep question into a conversation with a friend: have you ever had any weird coincidences? Do you think there’s more to life than meet the eye? What do you think happens after death?

Prayer Prompt

Pick three friends, and ask God to bring up an opportunity for a deep conversation with them in the next week.

Youth Leaders

Why is this important?

As disciples we are called to share our faith with others and tell the Good News of Christ.

Personal stories of testimony often make a big impact and everyone person has a story to share. Everyone’s story matters.


How did you find out about Jesus? Who told you about the ‘Good News’?
Can you think of a time when you have heard someone’s testimony? What was your response to it? What impact did it have on you?


1) Share your testimony with your group.

Some questions to consider:

How and when did you start exploring faith or start going to church?
When did you make a commitment to follow Jesus?
How do you live out your faith now? What do you do to encounter God, what helps you grow in your faith and how do you live out your faith?

2) Encourage the group to think about their story.
Give each person a postcard and ask them to write their own testimony. How did they come to know Jesus? How do they live out their faith?
For some in the group, they may not yet be at a point where they have made a commitment to follow Jesus. They could write about their journey so far.

3) If appropriate, ask some of the members to share their stories.

Prayer Prompt - Marble Painting

Place some paper on a tray. Dip a marble in paint then place it on the paper. Tilt the tray and let the marble roll around. As the marble rolls, watch the paint. Follow the marble and the paint around. As you see the lines appear be still with God.
The lines will all go in different directions and everyone’s painting will be different. Some pictures might even look messy.
All of our journeys with God are unique. God takes us all different ways and sometimes even in unexpected ways. Sometimes the ways can be messy. God is always with us on those journeys.
As you pray to God, thank him for your journey, your story and always being with you. Ask for guidance and help as you move forward in your journey.

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