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Diarrhoea kills 3,195 children every day.
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Have you ever thought about what your life would be like without a toilet?

For families like Ratidzo’s and 2.3 billion people around the world, they don’t have to imagine – life without a toilet is their daily reality.

This is the daily reality faced by Ratidzo, a grandmother and a widow living with her family in rural Zimbabwe. She lives with her children and grandchildren. The youngest and most vulnerable is her grandson Tadiwa, who is just four years old.

Like most of her neighbours, Ratidzo’s only option was to hide behind a bush or tree when nature called, leaving her faeces uncovered and open to the elements. When faeces are left in the open, flies spread potentially lethal bacteria from the uncovered faeces, contaminating everything they land on, including families’ food and water.

Rates of diseases such as cholera are rising sharply in Zimbabwe because of poor sanitation – and children like young Tadiwa are most at risk.

But there is hope, a simple toilet and education about good sanitation practices, like washing hands using a tippy-tap, could help prevent the spread of deadly diarrhoeal diseases like cholera.

This is a crisis, requiring urgent action. Will you make a gift today to help families like Ratidzo’s build a toilet and protect her family from deadly diarrhoeal diseases like cholera?

Please make a gift today to help bring toilets and training on good sanitation to more communities like Ratidzo’s. No gift is too small to make a life-changing difference for those who need it most. Your compassion will ensure that more people can flourish, and see their God-given potential fulfilled.