Hair-raising fundraising!


Andrew has an extreme haircut to raise money for Syrian refugees living in Jordan

All We Can supporter and trustee Andrew Dye has agreed to take on a rather unusual challenge. On Wednesday 30 March, at 12 noon, in the Revolution Cafe Truro, he will be letting his youth group give him a special makeover. We caught up with Andrew to find out more:

What exactly are you going to be doing to raise money for All We Can?

I am a youth worker and at the start of the year I did a very silly thing and asked my youth group if I should grow my beard. “Yes”, they all replied enthusiastically! So now I have a hairy face, but summer is coming and it’s time for it to go. So what better way than give people a free vote on hair cutting options and raise awareness and funds for the work of All We Can in supporting displaced people from Syria at the same time? Hair cutting options are: completely bald, handlebar moustache, strange goatee, or a combination of people’s suggestions.

Why have you decided to use this as an opportunity to fundraise for the Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal?

Like most of us, I am left bewildered at what I can do in the face of a conflict that has shattered the lives of so many. Living and working in beautiful county of Cornwall can feel like being in different world. But there is only one world. Our world. I can pray, yes. I can write letters and sign petitions about our response in the UK, yes. But I can also try to do what I can to raise awareness and raise some funds.

All We Can is working with other groups to support displaced people in the huge city camps and settlements in Jordan. Jordan is by no means a rich country or a big country but it has given shelter to hundreds of thousands of Syrians fleeing the bombs and bullets. I want to support that work, raise awareness of the people caught up in terrible situations and raise our consciousness as UK citizens of our power to help. People just the same as you and I have been thrown into a world of chaos. With prayer and support we can work together to find a better life. All We Can is helping this to happen.

There are lots of organisations involved in this crisis, why have you chosen to raise money for All We Can?

It is a good thing that lots of organisations are helping in this crisis, because there are so many people that need help! All We Can helps me as a member of the Methodist Church to put my prayers in to action. All We Can also places an emphasis on working in partnership with local people and agencies on the ground. As an organisation they commit to long-term work, to build capacity and find lasting solutions. They are also small enough to respond in personal ways. They believe in loving and supporting one person at a time in partnership with others.

Support Andrew in his fundraising efforts, and help him choose his new look, by visiting his fundraising page.

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