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Cynthia’s Prayer

Cynthia is one of the people working with SHIFSD in Liberia - will you join her in prayer?

In the Name of Jesus, Father I say thank you.
I give you praise this afternoon for the work created by you. I thank you for my neighbour, the world at large.
I pray, O God, that whatever that will bring hatred for us, I pray this afternoon that we denounce in the name of Jesus.
I pray for the partners that came, Lord, to meet us.
Father, cause their enemy to be terrified, that they will be satisfied by you, your name will be glorified. I thank you, Lord for our school-going children all around the world.
Thank you, Lord, for the hospitals around the world. Thank you, Lord, for your people. I bless your name because you are great. And I say, Lord to you that no weapon fashioned against them shall ever prosper.
Every tongue rising against our neighbour, the world at large, may that tongue be condemned to judgment. Father, I pray that every gathering against them, let this gathering come to foolishness in the name of Jesus, for our weapons, Lord, they are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. Every stronghold over our community, or Liberia, or the world at large, or donors, help us, Oh God.
Father, I pray, Oh God, that those weapons will not prosper in the name of Jesus. And dislodge the powers over our youth, the power of smoking and drinking, I put them to end in the name of Jesus.
Thank you for all women and men of God in the world at large. Father your will be done in our life and let your kingdom come in the heart of men, that You alone will take the glory that you share with no man.
We bless your name for this time, Lord, for even the offering that you gave me and those that came to interview me, I commit into your hands. May your blessings keep on resting upon them; their going in other places and their coming in our place.
Wherever the soles of their feet touch, Father let your name be praised in Jesus' name. God bless you.

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