Love Welcomes

Love Welcomes is a social enterprise that makes beautiful home products out of up-cycled life-jackets and blankets, creating jobs for women living in refugee camps. This opportunity helps to develop the women’s skills, creates a support network, provides much-needed income for women to support their family and give access to key services for all the members of the camp.

The goal is to create an economic infrastructure in camps so that refugees can support themselves and their families and gain employable skills, while at the same time giving society a way to support refugees and enable them to work.

Among other things, the women make beautiful welcome mats. By putting this welcome mat by your front door, or the front door of your church, you can communicate the important message that love truly does welcome, whether a close friend or a stranger.

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When you make an order with Love Welcomes, use the promotional ALL19 and a portion of your giving will be donated to the work of All We Can.