Malawian floods


Heavy rain has caused the flooding of rivers and dams in Chikwawa, Malawi. This has led to six deaths so far. The loss of life has been confirmed by the Chikwawa police.

Among the casualties are two family members who were swept up in the flooding of the Livunzu River. Further casualties include a health worker attempting to cross the flooded Nkhathe River, and an elderly woman who had a wall collapse on her due to the heavy rain. A six year old boy also lost his life after drowning in a flooded dam.

All We Can works in the Chikwawa region of Malawi and is already talking with its local partners there to establish the best way to support the farming communities affected by the flooding.

“We are praying for those who have lost loved ones and are thinking of all affected, including the communities in Malawi that All We Can works so closely with.” – Laura Cook, Humanitarian Aid Coordinator

Join us in praying for the people of Malawi affected by these floods


Loving Lord
We bring before you the people affected by the heavy rains in Malawi
We pray for the protection of lives, homes and livelihoods from the floods
We ask that people’s essential needs are met and those suffering will find relief
Be with All We Can’s local partners working with communities in the affected areas
May they be able to have access to those in greatest need and be a source of support in this time of crisis.

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