Meet All We Can’s new partners in Sierra Leone

A lush, green Sierra Leone landscape


All We Can has been working in Sierra Leone since 2017, when it began working with the Methodist Church of Sierra Leone as part of the Church CAN initiative. In 2022, All We Can began new partnerships with three exciting and innovative organisations in Sierra Leone, all of whom share a heartfelt desire to seek transformation for communities, and see every person’s potential fulfilled.

Advocacy Movement Network (AMNet)

AMNet is a female-led organisation who aspire to see a Sierra Leone where everyone can claim their individual human rights, and human dignity is guaranteed for all. Their focus is on ending all forms of violence and social injustice against marginalised people groups – particularly women and girls.

To achieve this, their work revolves around three key areas: child protection, youth development, and gender empowerment. Working across half of Sierra Leone’s 16 districts, their projects and interventions take place in areas with the worst records of human rights violations – including in diamond mining locations, and infamous trafficking hotspots.

Pikin-to-Pikin Movement

Pikin-to-Pikin Movement’s vision is to see a Sierra Leone where the government, civil society, and non-governmental organisations ensure that all children have the resources that they need to grow into healthy, thriving members of society. As a child-centred community development organisation, they work tirelessly to encourage and enable children to promote holistic health, well-being and development – for themselves, their families and their communities. As well as reaching children, in recent years the organisation has also expanded to ensure its programmes can support other people groups facing poverty and inequality, including young people and women.

Established in 1994, Pikin-to-Pikin Movement current focus on four key areas, all of which help people to flourish. These include child protection, education, clean water and sanitation, and health and nutrition. The organisation concentrates its efforts in hard-to-reach areas of Sierra Leone’s Tonkolili district.

Mamie Foundation

Mamie Foundation works with children, young people and women who have experienced violence, abuse and discrimination because of their gender or social status. They strive to help achieve a just and equitable world where children, young people and women have the tools they need to shape their own future.

In particular, Mamie Foundation helps women to claim their human rights, be free from violence and abuse, become financially self-sufficient and socially active. Similarly,  they support young people to develop employability skills and support entrepreneurship opportunities, and improve access to quality education for children.

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