Meet our Malawi partners – Eagles

Sunday morning service at Holiness Revival Church (Pastor Christopher Nota), William Village.


Meet Eagles

Meet our Malawi partners, Eagles, and discover how together, we’re doing development differently.


Jimmy Likagwa, Church Mobilisation Coordinator, Eagles.
Jimmy Likagwa, Church Mobilisation Coordinator, Eagles.


Putting communities in the driving seat in Malawi

At All We Can, we are changing the rhetoric. We believe in the power of partnership – it’s in our DNA. We understand that overcoming the challenges of poverty, crises and social injustice is complex and can only be achieved by working with local organisations, like Eagles, rooted within local communities.

Local organisations like Eagles know the communities, they know the landscape and are able to make real change at a grassroots level.

This March, we’re giving you the chance to meet our Malawi partners, Eagles, and discover their work directly!


Community-led initiatives

The Eagles’ church mobilisation process is a sustainable approach as it increases the likelihood of lasting impact.

Working with local structures of churches and communities, it empowers women and men in the community to use existing assets and skills and builds their capacity, creating a mind-set change away from dependency towards a sense of collective responsibility and collective confidence.


Members of the Madalitso choir (meaning blessings), in William village.
Members of the Madalitso choir (meaning blessings), in William village.


Getting to know the community

Church and Community Transformation (CCT) equips local churches to break mindsets of dependency and work with their community to achieve holistic change, especially for the most vulnerable.

Communities are equipped to identify their own problems, discover the abundance of their own resources, find solutions and act together, taking responsibility for their own development. Church and community mobilisation as an approach has been found to be 26 times more cost-effective than traditional development and 4 times more sustainable.

It works by utilising lasting local structures in the community like churches, empowers local people to radically transform their livelihoods and involves advocating to the government for larger-scale change.


Meet The Eagles

This March, we’re offering our supporters the chance to meet the Eagles team directly:

  • Learn about the community
  • Discover our partnership approach in action
  • Be inspired with stories of hope


Come and join us on Thursday 2 March to learn more about their incredible work and be part of the transformation.



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